Cultural Advisor Māori

Billie Tait-Jones’s role as the Cultural Advisor Māori for the Tira Poutama: Iwi Partnerhips team is about supporting both the community and the Council – and she loves every minute of it.

Billie Tait-Jones Cultural Advisor

Cultural Advisor Māori, Billie Tait-Jones

“I love it because it keeps me connected with iwi, other ethnicities, and community events in our beautiful city” says Billie.

One of the purposes of her role is to help the Council work with Wellington Māori to achieve positive outcomes for the community. “The best part of the job is the variety of work we do. It’s about nurturing and sharing our Māori cultural practices, values, and beliefs in a sensitive and caring manner to people of all ethnicities, both internally and externally. I enjoy listening and learning from them too.”  

The results of their work can be seen in the opportunities available to residents and visitors alike to enjoy the city’s unique Māori heritage and experiences, in events co-ordination and collaboration with a Māori perspective, and joint projects with mana whenua with a vision for the future of our beautiful city. 

Most of Billie's days are taken up with formal and informal cultural requests, monthly staff inductions, cultural events, internal and external tikanga and kawa dedication ceremonies, Council’s kapa haka rōpū, and lots of impromptu phone requests.

“We are the one-stop-shop for all Māori matters past, present and future, and can get asked all sort of things, like where can they get mobility parking permits from, who do they make contact with for a family plot at Ngā iwi o te motu urupā at Makara, who’s managing this rōpū, that rōpū and where are they now!” she laughs.

Billie and the Tira Poutama: Iwi Partnerhips team contribute to the organisation’s protocols at public events including Matariki, Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori (Māori Language Week), and Waitangi Day.

“We introduced bilingual sections on the Council’s website," says Billie "as well as bilingual signage in the offices, Council housing, parks, sport and recreation sites."

Billie is currently supporting our Tira Poutama: Iwi Partnerhips team with the Effectiveness for Māori Framework (EFM) and wants to take this opportunity to sincerely acknowledge Council CEO, Kevin Lavery, and the Executive Leadership Team for their unwavering support to help make this kaupapa come to fruition.

“Ngā mihinui rawa atu – a huge thank you.”

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