Executive Leader for Peace

Wellington has been a member of Mayors for Peace since 1988 and their role as Executive Leader for Peace strengthens Wellington’s position as a peaceful city.

On 27 August 2014 at the Governance Finance and Planning Committee Meeting, Council resolved to accept Mayor Matsui’s invitation to Mayor Celia Wade-Brown to become an Executive Leader for Peace in the Mayors for Peace organisation.

Recognised internationally, Mayors for Peace "strives to raise international public awareness regarding the need to abolish nuclear weapons" and "contributes to the realisation of genuine and lasting world peace."

This role further strengthens Wellington’s position as a peaceful city, and builds on our national network of New Zealand Mayors for Peace. Wellington’s status as a safe and welcoming city was endorsed by the World Health Organisation when we were awarded the safe community status in 2006, and when this was renewed in 2012.

As an Executive Leader for peace, the Mayor will be encouraging cooperation and information sharing activities related to nuclear disarmament.

Wellington became a nuclear free capital in 1983 and the national nuclear-free zone legislation was passed in 1987.

Events supported by the Council

A list of commemorative days and peace events that are supported by Wellington City.

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