For electoral purposes, Wellington city is divided into wards. Each ward elects a number of Councillors, who represent the interests of the city as a whole.

The city is divided into five wards that elect a total of 14 Councillors (excluding the Mayor, who is elected by all the city's voters).

The wards and number of elected Councillors for each are:

  • Northern Ward - three Councillors
  • Onslow-Western Ward - three Councillors
  • Lambton Ward - three Councillors
  • Eastern Ward - three Councillors
  • Southern Ward - two Councillors

The number of Councillors for each ward is determined by the estimated resident population of each ward and the total population of the city as a whole. Legislation requires that the population each Councillor represents is within the range of (plus or minus) 10% of the average population-per-member across the whole city.