Representation review

Under the Local Electoral Act 2001, all local authorities have to review their representation arrangements at least once every 6 years.

This process is called a Representation Review.

The Representation Review requires the Council to decide how its Councillors are elected:

  • by the electors of the district as a whole (ie city-wide), or
  • by the electors of two or more wards, or
  • a combination of both.

The Review also decides the number of Councillors to be elected.

As part of the process, the Council also has to review how the existing community boards are operating and decide whether to set up more community boards.

Recent review

The Council reviewed its electoral arrangements for the 2019 local body elections in April / May 2018.

The final proposal and form for appealing or objecting the proposal is on this website. Closing date for appeals or objections is 5pm 13 July 2018.