Jenny Condie

Local body candidate Jenny Condie.

Standing for:
Takapū/Northern Ward

YIMBY Futureproof Wellington

My principal place of residence is in the Takapū / Northern Ward area. I am also standing for Mayor. 

Twelve thousand more people live in the northern suburbs than 15 years ago. Where have we put them? In large houses, sprawled across our hills. This traps us in traffic, and isolates us from our neighbours.
Wellington could have 80,000 new residents by 2050, the same year we need to become carbon neutral. To house everyone while lowering emissions, we must build townhouses and apartments near what we need - businesses, activities, parks, and each other. I will give local businesses a voice, by promoting a Business Improvement District in Johnsonville.
For higher density to succeed, we must invest in infrastructure like water and car-free transport. With e-bikes making cycling easier, many commuters will choose to bike once it is safer. I want my boys to walk or scoot to school - safely - like I did growing up in Johnsonville.
Vote 1 Condie for medium-density done well.

Contact details:

 Mobile phone  (+64) 2102 697 818
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