Tamatha Paul

Local body candidate Tamatha Paul.

Standing for:
Pukehīnau/Lambton Ward


My principal place of residence is in the Pukehīnau/Lambton Ward area. 

I stand for connected communities, who are the lifeforce of our city. I stand for a sustainable Wellington, where we give back more than we take from our environment. I stand for hardworking, everyday people who are the glue of our sprawling public and private sectors, and deserve a wage that they can live on. I stand for a capital city where everybody can find a home that they can afford, and a bus that they can catch. I stand with my community - young and old, students and workers, from all walks of life.
E tū Pōneke, it's time for future-facing leadership on Wellington City Council.

Contact details:

 Mobile phone  (+64) 275 062 783
 Home phone  —
 Email  tamatha-paul@hotmail.com

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