Iona Pannett

Local body candidate Iona Pannett.

Standing for:
Pukehīnau/Lambton Ward


My principal place of residence is in the Pukehīnau/Lambton Ward area. 

Wellington is thriving but transformational change is needed if we are to become truly sustainable and resilient.
I am an infrastructure leader with a track record in delivering successful waste, climate change, water, heritage and resilient building initiatives to keep our city running whilst protecting our precious environment.
My priorities:
Climate first: zero emissions, single use plastic and waste free, a sustainable and secure water supply, no runway extension or new motorways
Transforming transport: 30km speed limits for safe walking and cycling; affordable and reliable buses, light rail now
Greening the city: more parks, green roofs and trees to support biodiversity
Resilient buildings: reopen the central library, investment in affordable and social housing; earthquake strong buildings and heritage protection for our character suburbs
Good jobs, good business: Living Wage as minimum for all Wellingtonians and a buy local policy for Council to grow Wellington businesses
Contact me 021 179 6349/

Contact details:

 Mobile phone  (+64) 211 796 349
 Home phone  (+64) 384 3382

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