Thomas Morgan

Local body candidate Thomas Morgan.

Standing for:
Paekawakawa/Southern Ward


My principal place of residence is in the Paekawakawa/Southern Ward area. 

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Thomas Morgan is providing a clear independent alternative with 20 plus years of pragmatic interest in Local Government.
Supporting gender equity Thomas is one of the male alternatives to provide a male view on Southern Ward issues on the Wellington City Council.
A few words on Thomas to inspire:-
Global thinker yet realistically focused; Legalistic; Managerial; Determined; Communicative; Team player; Effective; Representational; Inherently local.
Diploma in Management; Hard working; Risk adverse; Impartial and independent; Community focused; Robust business case support; Issue focused.
His thoughts:- Sustainable environment; Safer Communities; More 'ladies' for the ladies; Bus expressways; Shelters at all bus stops; Topless public swimming pools?; Consultation!; Reliable resilience, the list goes on..
To make contact use Facebook:- Or email:
Vote for Thomas right now, your vote for him is your responsible vote for you! Make him your number 1 candidate in 2019! It's your turn.

Contact details:

 Mobile phone  (+64) 274 903 123
 Home phone  —

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