Fleur Fitzsimons

Local body candidate Fleur Fitzsimons.

Standing for:
Paekawakawa/Southern Ward


My principal place of residence is in the Paekawakawa/Southern Ward area. 

As a Councillor since 2017, I have supported investment in social housing, transport infrastructure and delivered living wage accreditation.
If re-elected, I want to make sure we get the Central Library open again ASAP. I will work with others to eradicate homelessness. I treat climate change seriously and will make reducing emissions central to decision-making.
We need a strong community where everyone feels they belong. I will work with others to make sure every child can play sport, use the pools and have indoor space for year-round play. I will support the Council investing in core infrastructure so Wellington is prepared for whatever the future holds.
The Council must genuinely listen to communities, I will work hard for residents to help get problems fixed.
I will work constructively to build strong, resilient communities throughout Wellington. I'm a lawyer and live in Island Bay with my partner David and our children.

Contact details:

 Mobile phone  (+64) 278 030 515
 Home phone  —
 Email  fleur.fitzsimons@gmail.com

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