Social media guidelines for candidates

Candidates must comply with the following guidelines for social media use and presence related to campaigning.

Things to be aware of 

  • During the lead up to elections, the current Mayor and councillors may be used in social media posts where it is appropriate and considered ‘business as usual’ to use them. This may be in images or quotes.
  • Election advertising, using any media, including social media, must identify the person under whose authority they have been produced, as per sections 113-115 of the Local Electoral Act 2001. This means in your profile photo/bio, you must have a statement saying that all content/images on your social media channel are authorised by you or your agent. You must include a physical address in the authorisation statement. 
  • The Council’s social media accounts (listed in Appendix 1), including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Neighbourly, are not permitted to be used as a communications channel by anyone (candidates or members of the public) for promotion, electioneering or campaigning. This also applies to all social media accounts owned by Council-controlled organisations.  It is the responsibility of candidates to check if a social media account is one of Council’s.
  • The Council’s social media accounts are constantly monitored and any campaign related or electioneering content will be removed immediately.
  • If Wellington City Council already follows your public social media accounts, please note you will be unfollowed 3 months prior to the election date. This protocol is in line with the Local Electoral Act 2001. 
  • Any social media post – positive or negative – made by any individual specifically relating to their own – or someone else’s – nomination, intention to run for Council, or election campaign, will be removed immediately.
  • Candidates cannot reply to the Council’s social media posts or share with a comment encouraging people to like or follow their own social media accounts or any other electioneering tool. Any posts that do this will be removed immediately.
  • Candidates must not link their own social media accounts (if they are used for campaigning purposes) to the Council’s social media accounts. .
  • Candidates cannot rate, review, check-in or tag the Council’s social media channels.
  • The Council’s social media accounts will remain neutral. Wellington City Council will promote elections and the importance of voting but will not associate these posts with any candidates.

Wellington City Council social media channels

For the sake of clarity, Wellington City Council’s web and social media channels are:


The Council has a number of Facebook pages:


Flickr is a free image-hosting website that allows users to share photographs. Wellington City Council uses Flickr to display photographs of Wellington, which you can use for non-commercial purposes as long as you attribute them to Wellington City Council.




  • WgtnCC



Council organisations and Council-controlled organisations

Council organisations and Council-controlled organisations have their own social media channels. Like channels operated directly by the Council, these are equally unable to be used by candidates for political purposes. A list of Council organisations and Council-controlled organisations follows:

  • Basin Reserve Trust
  • Wellington Water
  • Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA)
  • Venues Wellington
  • Wellington Cable Car Ltd
  • Experience Wellington – Wellington Museums Trust
  • Wellington Regional Stadium Trust
  • Wellington Zoo Trust
  • Karori Sanctuary Trust