While campaigning for election, you must follow the rules under the Local Electoral Act 2001.

Making sure your campaign advertising is compliant

Campaign advertising includes using any media, including social media. To comply with the Local Electoral Act 2001, it must identify the person under whose authority it has been produced.

This means:

  • your advertisements must have a statement saying that all content/images are authorised by you or your agent
  • your social media profile photo/bio must include a statement saying that all content/images on your social media channel are authorised by you or your agent.

An authorisation statement must include:

  • the name of the person authorising the advertisement or social media channel
  • that person’s home or business address (you cannot list a PO Box or Rural Delivery number).

Advertisements for Candidates, Local Electoral Act 2001 - New Zealand Legislation

Social media guidelines

Candidates must understand and be aware of their social media presence for campaigning purposes, and comply with the following guidelines:

Social Media Guidelines (61KB PDF)

Campaign expenditure limits

Candidates have campaign expenditure limits and are required to file a return to the Electoral Officer after the election.

Candidate campaigns are subject to the following expenditure limits:


Expenditure limit



Councillor (Northern, Eastern, Onslow-Western and Lambton wards)


Councillor (Southern ward)


Tawa Community Board member


Makara-Ohariu Community Board member


If you are standing for more than one position, then the higher limit applies (not both combined).

Election hoardings

Wellington City Council has guidelines about putting up election hoardings in the city. It is an offence against the Bylaw to place posters on any Council ornament, statue, structure, building, or facility in a public place without the Council’s prior approval.

The Wellington City Council makes some public land available for candidates to erect election hoardings. You need to apply to use this land before you can put your signs up. For more information about the sites available, and to apply, please see below.

No matter whether they are going on public or private land, election hoardings may only be erected between 31 August and 11 October. At any time, if a hoarding is damaged it should be immediately replaced or removed from the site.  All hoardings must be taken down before the final day of voting (i.e., before Saturday 12 October).

Apply for Council permission to erect electoral hoardings on public land

Apply online

If your application is approved, a permit to place posters, signs or hoardings in public places (including a list of approved sites) will be issued to the applicant in writing. 

Lodging an application does not constitute approval.

Need help?

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