Candidate - Stacey Richardson

Stacey Richardson

Stacey Richardson

Standing for:
Tawa Community Board

My principal place of residence is in the Tawa Community Board area.

Tawa is a great place to live, and at the heart of what makes it great is the people. I love living in Tawa and being involved in our vibrant and dynamic community. I’ve been active in Tawa in recent years – through the Tawa Linden Plunket committee and most recently organising Spring into Tawa 2016. My vision for Tawa is to keep building on the fantastic facilities, events, opportunities and people we already have. That way, Tawa will be even more attractive to a diverse range of people and age groups. I’m passionate about a strong, connected Tawa and see the Community Board as key to that. I am open and approachable and want to hear your views on our community and how we can be even greater and stronger together.

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