Candidate - Damian Hewett

Damian Hewett

Damian Hewett

Standing for:
Tawa Community Board

My principal place of residence is within the Tawa Community Board Area.

My name is Damian Hewett and I am standing for the vacant seat on the Tawa Community Board. I have lived in Tawa for most of my life and a past student of Tawa College. I am married with 2 children; one is at Tawa College the other is starting at Tawa Intermediate.

Previously I have been on the board of Trustees at St Francis Xavier School, a founding member of the Friends of Tawa Bush Reserves, and currently the chair of the Tawa College PTA. I am passionate about Tawa as a community and the many groups within it. My vision for Tawa is to ensure that as the suburb grows we maintain our community vibrancy. I see this role as being a link to the many community groups in Tawa and I hope to strengthen these links and connections as your community board member.

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