Candidate - Anna Scott

Anna Scott

Anna Scott

Standing for:
Tawa Community Board

My principal place of residence is in the Tawa Community Board area.

I have a passion for Tawa and love its fantastic family friendly diverse community that supports each other through thick and thin. My children attend local schools and my family is involved in a variety of community activities.

I am an enthusiastic and connected member of the Tawa community with strong governance and leadership experience. I am chair of a local school board with several years’ board experience. My collaborative pragmatism facilitates discussion so all sides of an issue can be considered with a purposeful outcome.

I am a Chartered Accountant and I understand the issues for business. I know that healthy businesses support a thriving, prepared Tawa community where residents enjoy a wide range of accessible services and strong transport links.

I use the lessons of the past to shape action for the future.

Vote Anna Scott for proactive, transparent, approachable leadership in Tawa.

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