Candidates standing for election to a local body or community board can start campaigning at any time until 12 noon on voting day, Saturday 8 October 2016.

Elections signs

Election signs must be removed by midnight on Friday 7 October 2016.

Campaign advertising

Campaign advertising includes using any media, including social media.

Campaign advertising is subject to the following rules: 

  • All advertisements must identify the person under whose authority they have been produced, as per sections 113-115 of the Local Electoral Act 2001.
  • Advertisements must contain a statement setting out the true name and address of the person or persons for whom or at whose direction they are published. They cannot list a PO box or a rural delivery number.
  • The cost of framing to hold up an election sign is not an item of campaign expenditure.

Social media guidelines

Candidates must understand and be aware of their social media presence for campaigning purposes at all times. The following guidelines apply.

  • The Council's Facebook page is not permitted to be used by anyone (candidates or members of the public) for campaign-related or electioneering. Our Facebook page is constantly monitored and any such content will be removed immediately.
  • Any post - positive or negative - made by an individual specifically relating to their own - or someone else's - nomination, intention to run for Council or election campaign will be removed immediately.
  • Candidates cannot comment on the Council's Facebook posts to encourage people to like or follow their own social media pages or any other electioneering tool. Any posts that do this will be removed immediately. 
  • Candidates must not link their own Facebook pages and social media channels (if they are used for campaigning purposes) to the Council's Facebook and social media channels.
  • The Council's Facebook pages will remain neutral. The Council will promote elections and the improtance of voting, but will not associate these posts with any candidates.
  • During the lead up to elections, the current Mayor and councillors may be mentioned in socual media posts where it is apporpriate and part of 'normal business'. This content may appear as images or quotes.

Campaign expenditure limits

Candidates have campaign expenditure limits and are required to file a return to the electoral officer after the election.

Candidate campaigns are subject to the following expenditure limits:

Position Expenditure limit
Mayor $60,000
Councillor (Northern, Onslow - Western and Lambton wards)  $30,000
Councillor (Southern and Eastern ward) $20,000
Tawa Community Board member $14,000
Makara - Ohariu Community Board member $3,500

If you are standing for more than one position, then the higher limit applies (not both combined).

Full details of the election campaigning rules are included in the Candidate Information Handbook. 

Return of campaign election expenses

Each candidate is required to keep a record of all campaign election expenses, and submit them to the electoral officer within 55 days of the election result being declared, or no later than Wednesday 14 December 2016.

Complete the Candidate expenses return form and submit it to the Electoral Officer: 
Electoral Donations and Expenses Form (126KB PDF) l Text version (18KB RTF)

Election hoardings

Wellington City Council has guidelines about putting up election hoardings in the city. It is an offense against the Bylaw to place posters on any Council ornament, statue, structure, building, or facility in a public place withouth the Council's prior consent.

Guidelines for hoardings

  • Hoardings must be soundly constructed, not exceed 1.2 x 2.4 square metres, and be securely fixed and braced in place, clear of mown areas.
  • Road signs or street nameplates must not be obscured.
  • Hoardings must be placed so that driver and pedestrian visibility is not distracted or obstructed.
  • Signs must not be placed closer than six metres from an intersection and - if visibility for pedestrians or drivers is obscured - must be placed at a greater distance.
  • Signs must not be placed closer than 1.5m from the edge of the carriageway (road), and must be clear of all pedestrian routes and accessways, unless otherwise stated.
  • Any signs erected on private property must be kept within the confines of the property.
  • Signs and hoardings must not be erected earlier than six weeks prior to the Elections Day on 8 October 2016, and must be removed from all sites by 7 October 2016.
  • Should any sign or hoarding be damaged, it must be repaired immediately or removed from the site.
  • It is the candidate's responsibility to ensure no underground services are damaged.

Guidelines for temporary signs in public places (186KB PDF)

Election Hoardings Guidelines (48KB PDF)

Electoral hoarding sites

Take a look at the approved hoarding sites in your ward and choose a site number: 

Applications to use hoarding sites must include a $200 bond for each electoral district or ward. It is the candidates responsibility to check for and verify any underground services.

For approval to use public sites, complete a Bond for Electoral Hoardings (528KB PDF) application form and send it:

  • by email to:
  • by letter to:  
    Street Activities Officer, Wellington City Council 
    PO Box 2199 
    Wellington 6140
  • You can provide feedback on the use of public sites for election hoardings. Your responses will be used for the purpose of reviewing and improving the list of approved hoarding sites and the Council’s processes used to administer election hoardings. 

    Feedback on electoral hoardings (576KB PDF)

    More information

Deputy Electoral Officer, Wellington City Council

Phone 04 499 4444
Postal Address PO Box 2199, Wellington
Street Address 101 Wakefield Street, Wellington