Candidate - Don Newt McDonald

Don Newt McDonald.

Don Newt McDonald

Standing for:
Southern Ward

Hold us to Account

My principal place of residence is in the Southern Ward area.

Tena Koutou Katoa.
He Tangata kia ora.
I hear planet sighing... Listen
I'll shut runaway growth.. flights.. trips.
Halt greedy profits. Those companies die. Gratitude satisfy our people. resource.
Arrest population + cars doubling. roads will 90 + metres wide.
Difficult to cross.
Auckland woes.
Ecology footprint cannot sustain.
climate 350 CO2.
Detox- smokes alcohol coffee, movie petrol sugar, suv salt 'tainment. Consumption.
Protect WCC democracy. He cuts print annual plan +email
submission, public participation?
Letters to editor represent noone. I'll press ballot, democratic.
So 'perdonals' DomPost.
Multiply smartNewtown free computing ($35k office) housing,
community, library, public transport.
Walking cycle.
Prizepool $81m? He refuse. Be honest, pay the rest $41m.
Poorsball #1558.
Taake. Kao waipiro.
Kaati kaipaepae. Reduce the smokes.
Te roupu awhina mate petipeti.
betting sickness.
Resign Lotto. poorsball. Kura Literacy Aotearoa
Healthy Koha wharekai.
Climate. Makara Nga hou e wha.
whakarongo. Korero.
Newtown, Wellington

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