Places to drop off your vote

Locations for ballot and post boxes in Wellington.

Voting papers (for any local council) can be returned via the following methods:

  • By NZ Post: If you are using a post box, it is recommended you post your vote by 4 October to ensure it’s received before the cut-off date.
  • To a ballot box: There are over 50 Wellington City Council-branded ballot boxes where you can drop off your voting papers across Wellington. Ballot boxes are provided at every Wellington supermarket and Council library, as well as several other locations. Votes can be delivered to ballot boxes up to 12 noon on Saturday 8 October. 
  • To a Wellington City Council voting hub: You can also be issued a special vote at these locations. If you need to cast a special vote, find out more on our How to Vote page.

Find your nearest drop off location using the Voting Places map. 

Voting places map

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List of voting places

This list includes places where you can drop off your vote. You can search this table by street, suburb, or location.

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