Rebecca Matthews

Candidate information for Rebecca Matthews, standing for Wharangi/Onslow-Western General Ward.

Rebecca Matthews

Standing for:
Wharangi/Onslow-Western General Ward


Principal place of residence:
Within the Wharangi/Onslow-Western General Ward area

Candidate statement

As a current City Councillor I offer experience and proven commitment on the issues important to Wellingtonians. As a renter in Ngaio, a mum, and a public transport user, I'm motivated to make sustainable long-term decisions for our city.

In my first term I advocated for better housing and transport options, scrapped overdue library fines to make our libraries fairer, and supported locals to get things done.

Decades of neglect have led to crumbling water pipes, a housing crisis, and inadequate transport. We can't leave these issues to our grandchildren to fix.

The time is now to act and protect our city's future for everyone.

In a second term, let's boost the number of homes built in Wellington, improve our public transport system, fix our water infrastructure, continue to take action on climate change and ensure our libraries, pools, and parks get regular upgrades.

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