Alexander Garside

Candidate information for Alexander Garside, standing for Wharangi/Onslow-Western General Ward.

Alexander Garside

Standing for:
Wharangi/Onslow-Western General Ward


Principal place of residence:
Not Within the Wharangi/Onslow-Western General Ward area

Candidate statement

Wellington should be for everyone. Our city and suburbs can be affordable, sustainable, and accessible, if we embrace density throughout our spaces. Cycleways are just one component of our transition away from simultaneous isolation and gridlock. I will lower restrictions on commerce in residential areas, run a pilot leasehold scheme for moveable homes, and work with the GWRC to enable public transport expansion. Population growth opens doors for our economy, and we should embrace as many people as we can, as wisely as we can.

I'm a motorcycle courier, so I have some understanding of service delivery in our diverse geography. I lead a walking group, do community theatre, and work as an event photographer. I've been fortunate to grow up surrounded by our forested hills and hope to allow others to do the same.

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 Mobile phone 021 029 50304

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