Janryll Fernandez

Candidate information for Janryll Fernandez, standing for Tawa Community Board.

Janryll Fernandez

Standing for:
Tawa Community Board


Principal place of residence:
Within the Tawa Community Board area

Candidate statement

My wife and I, together with our four kids, have lived in Tawa ever since we moved to New Zealand from the Philippines over 10 years ago. Last year, I had the privilege to join the Tawa Community Board which has given me a head start in understanding the opportunities and challenges our community faces.

My professional background in public management and strategic communications have thankfully equipped me with the needed skills to meaningfully contribute to achieving the Board's objectives.

I've enjoyed participating in community events and engaging with the various stakeholders of the Board. My experience working in government, global organisations, non-profits, and in the media, have proven to be a real advantage when we discuss issues that affect our increasingly diverse community.

I commit to continue to bring sensible decision making, be friendly and approachable, and be a strong advocate for Tawa.

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 Email talk2janryll@gmail.com
 Mobile phone 027 517 3259

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