James Sales

Candidate information for James Sales, standing for Tawa Community Board.

James Sales

Standing for:
Tawa Community Board

Also standing for:
Takapū/Northern General Ward

Real Issues for Real People

Principal place of residence:
Not Within the Tawa Community Board area

Candidate statement

I harbour growing concern about our fire safety as a community. Every day, I hear about fewer firefighters and more broken fire trucks. As board member, I will advocate for the fire service, making this a council issue, and promote awareness of the issues facing our fire crews to produce real solutions. Too often have I heard stories about the effects of mismanagement, decisions which are seemingly made without concern for the well-being of the fire crews. This is reflective of an every-day failure of good business and governance.

We must fulfil the needs of the community without creating more problems where there were none before. I am concerned about the social issues facing youth; as board member I will be vocal on social issues for youth, such as the effects of social isolation the last two years. I am for people-friendly climate change initiatives.

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 Email jamessalesforcouncillor@gmail.com
 Mobile phone 027 316 2240

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