Raveen Annamalai

Candidate information for Raveen Annamalai, standing for Takapū/Northern General Ward.

Raveen Annamalai

Standing for:
Takapū/Northern General Ward

Independent.  Together for Wellington

Principal place of residence:
Within the Takapū/Northern General Ward area

Candidate statement

I am Raveen Annamalai standing as an independent candidate for the Takapū / Northern Ward of Wellington in the upcoming 2022 local elections.

Please Vote 1 for Raveen Annamalai.

I seek the support and vote of the people of the Northern Ward to represent them in Wellington City Council and promise to deal with the difficult topics and make sure the community's needs come first. I stand for a positive and productive council that puts people first.

I have been an active community leader, initiating and developing various community projects by championing causes such as rising cost of living, housing crisis, climate change, health, support for victims of domestic violence, sport and wellbeing, youth development and transport.

I'll be honored if I can be your councilor to bring positive change to the city and its council. I want to continue advocating for the people and the city we love.

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 Email rav2_luv@yahoo.com
 Mobile phone 021 196 1967

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