John Apanowicz

Candidate information for John Apanowicz, standing for Takapū/Northern General Ward.

John Apanowicz

Standing for:
Takapū/Northern General Ward

Also standing for:
Mākara-Ōhāriu Community Board

A voice for Wellington

Principal place of residence:
Within the Takapū/Northern General Ward area

Candidate statement

I'm a Wellingtonian, born and educated here, and I'm proud to call the northern suburbs my home.

Our community needs a local champion with a strong voice. Someone that sits in the same grid-locked traffic as you and your family, that catches the same buses - when they turn up, that isn't afraid to fight hard for the services and funding our local community deserves. I'll fight hard for you.

A graduate of Victoria University with a degree in economics, commerce and administration, I work locally running a successful consultancy firm specialising in finance and corporate governance. I'm also a Chartered Accountant, a Chartered Member of the Institute of Directors, and current Chair of the Makara-Ohariu Community Board.

We desperately need competent and experienced people on our Council, and I need your vote to ensure our community has a strong voice at the table. Learn more about me at:

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 Mobile phone 021 750 172

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