Jenny Condie

Candidate information for Jenny Condie, standing for Takapū/Northern General Ward.

Jenny Condie

Standing for:
Takapū/Northern General Ward

Futureproof Wellington

Principal place of residence:
Within the Takapū/Northern General Ward area

Candidate statement

We all want to make the future better for our kids. COVID is changing the way we live and the climate won't wait for a more convenient time.

We must rise to these challenges with creative and practical ways to redesign our city and our neighbourhoods. Good infrastructure is the foundation for thriving communities, from pipes to parks. We need to look after what we've got and make responsible, climate-friendly investments that support growth.

Money is tight. My skills in accounting and governance are needed in Council more than ever. I asked the questions about depreciation that revealed Council was not spending enough to replace aging pipes. I then co-wrote the Mayoral Taskforce report that led to large funding increases for water infrastructure. I will continue to find cost savings, carefully track major projects, and focus spending where it is most needed.

Vote 1 Condie - Independent, Pragmatic, Experienced.

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 Mobile phone 021 026 97818

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