James Sullivan

Candidate information for James Sullivan, standing for Takapū/Northern General Ward.

James Sullivan

Standing for:
Takapū/Northern General Ward


Principal place of residence:
Within the Takapū/Northern General Ward area

Candidate statement

To create a Wellington that is safe, affordable, and liveable for the future. We need leadership that is willing to make uncomfortable choices now. My aim is to set a goal and provide the push needed to build a Wellington that embraces density, efficient transport. Creating an environment that encourages community. This will require us to build up and invest in space efficient infrastructure. I will push to create a Wellington that doesn't see the natural environment as something to hide under grass and roads, but as something to leverage as a strength.

Having worked for over a decade building and delivering complex software solutions I believe I can provide the experience needed to guide these changes. A voice that will still be here in 40 years to see the results of these choices. See tfg.nz/wcc2022/why-me for more details on specific topics.

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 Email james@TFG.nz
 Mobile phone 022 169 1568

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