Ben McNulty

Candidate information for Ben McNulty, standing for Takapū/Northern General Ward.

Ben McNulty

Standing for:
Takapū/Northern General Ward


Principal place of residence:
Within the Takapū/Northern General Ward area

Candidate statement

I've always loved Wellington. Our natural environment, vibrancy and compact size make it genuinely one of the best places to live in the world.

Wellington is facing some huge challenges and the timing to fix it couldn't be worse. Decades of council underinvestment has left our infrastructure in disrepair and the impact of the 2016 Kaikōura earthquake is still being felt across the city, six years later.

If elected I'll be a fierce advocate for the Takapū ward and I will fight to ensure we receive our fair share of investment from Wellington City Council. This is my home and I'll push for more housing, better infrastructure, and reliable and accessible public transport.

I've spent over a decade working in financial services. I currently work for a major KiwiSaver fund, run a small photography business and live in Johnsonville.

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