Jane O'Loughlin

Candidate information for Jane O'Loughlin, standing for Pukehīnau/Lambton General Ward.

Jane O'Loughlin

Standing for:
Pukehīnau/Lambton General Ward


Principal place of residence:
Within the Pukehīnau/Lambton General Ward area

Candidate statement

I'm a fresh independent voice, standing for smart sustainability.

I'll support transport solutions that get the city moving and reduce emissions.

I'll use council levers to facilitate affordable housing, while advocating for connected neighborhoods, green spaces, and better community facilities.

I'll collaborate to deliver a functional council that listens to communities and experts alike, consults meaningfully and makes sound decisions (especially for infrastructure).

As a former journalist and current public sector manager I'll ask the right questions about the big decisions we face, so we can get the best social, environmental and economic outcomes for our city.

I have a track record of community service and advocacy, including as a chair on the Aro Valley Community Council, and convenor for LIVE WELLington. Read more at janeoloughlin.nz I'm passionate about working for a Wellington we can be proud of. It'd be a privilege and a responsibility to represent this ward.

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 Email jane@janeoloughlin.nz

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