Iain Alasdair MacLeod

Candidate information for Iain Alasdair MacLeod, standing for Paekawakawa/Southern General Ward.

Iain Alasdair MacLeod

Standing for:
Paekawakawa/Southern General Ward

Independent - Get Wellington back on course

Principal place of residence:
Not within the Paekawakawa/Southern General Ward area

Candidate statement

Born and bred in Wellington - I care deeply about the people who call this place home. However, our city has moved down the ranks on the EIU Index of most liveable cities - we were #4 but have tumbled to #50. I'm here to get us back on track.

I want to make Wellington the best city to live and do business in. This means making it quick and easy to get around (including speeding up traffic from Ngauranga to the Airport), focusing on efficient and consistent provision of core Council services, giving people free access to parks and fields and minimising wasteful Council spending.

A ships' Captain by trade, I'm no stranger to hard work. When I'm not on the water I manage our family business, Penthouse Cinema. If you want a hardworking, straight-talking, engaged Councillor who is committed to change, vote for Iain MacLeod.

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 Email iain@kismac.co.nz
 Mobile phone 021 431 354

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