Dipak Bhana

Candidate information for Dipak Bhana, standing for Paekawakawa/Southern General Ward.

Dipak Bhana

Standing for:
Paekawakawa/Southern General Ward

Independent.  Together for Wellington

Principal place of residence:
Within the Paekawakawa/Southern General Ward area

Candidate statement

Kia Ora/Namaste, my name is Dipak Bhana I am standing for Southern councillor, I'd love to be able to work as a team with other elected councillors to ensure as a council we get things done. There are several changes to the city, and I wish to make sure we consult all interested parties and get things moving. I would like to restart Ethnic Advisory council to ensure that migrants and ethnic communities can openly discuss any concerns with the council and that they have a voice that the council can consult. I believe in Transparency, Reliability, accountability, and community service and if elected I hope to bring these qualities to the role. I have lived in Brooklyn for the last 20 years; I'm married with two older kids. I am currently an active volunteer in my community and work full time, I'd love to serve the Southern ward community.

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 Email dipakbhana@hotmail.com
 Mobile phone 027 341 0765
 Home phone 04 381 4554

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