Chris Dudfield

Candidate information for Chris Dudfield, standing for Paekawakawa/Southern General Ward.

Chris Dudfield

Standing for:
Paekawakawa/Southern General Ward

Also standing for:

Independent - Vision/Skill/Results

Principal place of residence:
Within the Paekawakawa/Southern General Ward area

Candidate statement

As a born Wellingtonian, it pains me to watch our city crumbling because of a dysfunctional Council unable to meet our real needs. We need full consultation, fiscal responsibility and attention to the basics. I have the vision, skills and determination needed to restore and future-proof our city.

Essential infrastructure and traffic flow must be prioritised. I'd advocate a moratorium on cycleway construction, remove existing cycleways in Newtown, Island Bay and Brooklyn, push for a 4 lane Mt. Victoria tunnel, fully extend the Arras Tunnel and add another lane to the Terrace Tunnel.

Check my ideas for protecting the southern bays and inner harbour from intensifying weather events, storm surges and rising sea levels at [].

My architectural and supervisory experience means I can tackle Wellington's challenges effectively, on time and within budget. I previously served on the Terawhiti Licensing Trust for 12 years, chairing the Project Operating Committee.

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 Mobile phone 022 012 5721

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