Teri O'Neill

Candidate information for Teri O'Neill, standing for Motukairangi/Eastern General Ward.

Teri O'Neill

Standing for:
Motukairangi/Eastern General Ward


Principal place of residence:
Within the Motukairangi/Eastern General Ward area

Candidate statement

The Eastern Ward, Motukairangi is my home, and home to my family.

Three years ago, I was honoured to be elected to represent and serve our community.

I'm proud of our victories: doubling our Predator Free Wellington budget, supporting people experiencing homelessness, investing in water infrastructure to fix leaks and pipes, and fully funding the Strathmore Community Centre and Hue-te-para Lyall Bay park upgrades.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns I worked locally alongside social workers to deliver vaccines and kai (food) to people within our community.

Going forward, the Council needs not only to make change happen, but to change the way it works with local businesses, artists, youth, families, and vulnerable communities. It needs to rebuild trust.

Together we must deliver safe and accessible transport infrastructure, an accelerated response to climate change with more warm, dry affordable homes so that we can all continue to call Motukairangi our home.

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