Steph Edlin

Candidate information for Steph Edlin, standing for Motukairangi/Eastern General Ward.

Steph Edlin

Standing for:
Motukairangi/Eastern General Ward


Principal place of residence:
Within the Motukairangi/Eastern General Ward area

Candidate statement

Steph Edlin - Your Independent, Common Sense, Candidate for Motu Kairangi/Eastern Ward.

You might remember me from the last local elections - and I'm back! I know a lot of us in the east are dissatisfied with a council that is incapable of making sensible decisions for our community. I think this needs to change. We need to forget the glamour projects and focus on the basics that Wellington desperately needs. My top priorities are: fixing our ageing infrastructure that has been ignored for decades, and sorting out congestion by improving our public transport and roading infrastructure. Wellington's top issue is undoubtedly our housing crisis, and that's why we need to fix our outdated infrastructure now, so that Wellington can continue to be home for generations to come.

Vote 1 for Steph Edlin to have your voice heard!

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 Mobile phone 027 495 8371

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