Ken Ah Kuoi

Candidate information for Ken Ah Kuoi, standing for Motukairangi/Eastern General Ward.

Ken Ah Kuoi

Standing for:
Motukairangi/Eastern General Ward


Principal place of residence:
Within the Motukairangi/Eastern General Ward area

Candidate statement

I'm standing for election as a Councillor for Motukairangi-Eastern Ward as an Independent candidate. My principal place of residence is within the Eastern Ward area. For a healthy, active and safe community, vote Ken Ah Kuoi #1. My work as a lawyer, educator, and volunteer sports administrator has taught me the value of sports and recreation in building healthy families and people. Our home, Motukairangi-Eastern suburbs is Wellington's heartbeat. Our extensive beaches, sports facilities and recreation centres offer all Wellingtonians the opportunity to live a better life. A healthy community needs safe streets, reliable public transport and accessible recreation facilities, where all sports, age groups and abilities are welcome. These values must be reflected on our Council. Vote Ken Ah Kuoi #1 for Motukairangi-Eastern Ward today.

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 Mobile phone 027 307 9858

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