Ray Chung

Candidate information for Ray Chung, standing for Mayor.

Ray Chung

Standing for:

Also standing for:
Wharangi/Onslow-Western General Ward


Principal place of residence:
Within the Wellington City area

Candidate statement

This council wastes millions in ratepayer's money. Party affiliated councillors spend on ideology, not real issues. I am vociferously independent and promise to investigate all council spending and stop this wastage.

Wellington rates have increased 50% in the past five years, and this is continuing unabated. It doesn't have to. We need to put pipes before pet projects.

We need to protect Wellington's natural beauty and appeal. Many of us need housing, yet many like the suburbs as they are. There is new land to build on. We should use it.

I'm a born and bred Wellingtonian with extensive business and fiscal experience. The Council must efficiently manage Wellington in the interests of ratepayers and avoid the unnecessary bureaucracy and cost of Three Waters and more bike lanes.

The only relevant questions are what residents say they need, and whether we can afford it.

Vote Chung Number 1. Chungnumber01@gmail.com

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 Email chungnumber01@gmail.com
 Mobile phone 022 065 0088
 Home phone 04 477 3388

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