Donald Newtown McDonald

Candidate information for Donald Newtown McDonald, standing for Mayor.

Donald Newtown MacDonald

Standing for:

Our truth all but whole truth

Principal place of residence:
Within the Wellington City area

Candidate statement

freDom gratuitous anti-democracy gossip, Blocks biography ads.

Don anti-growth. Government brags Grow-thrive- die. Road certain disaster.

tidying up end of world, Don critical regulates. get right with Jesus.

put-aside redouble longevity. World disobeys eternal laws: science bites my ass.

zeta counter-series assumes decline. starry self-luminous sky is hydrogen helium suns. Supernova collapse creates life elements, oxygen

blood Ca3(PO4)2.

limited resource. throw-away rubbish. Shorten annually. Harmonic

1/2+3rd+4th... depleted infinite cupboard. 1.5+2*1/4+4*1/8= billions x.5.

Zeta quarter+9th+16th+25th... equal

pi-squared/6. shows greedy demon. selfish parking shouldn't. Repair planet. chop population/2 virus, car/4, flights/8 and Alcoh-cigs movie concert rude-tainment noise.

beginning- thereafter micro starvation. Freeze populn decrease survive.

spin-out dollars, cuts.

the wages of sin is death. Bible knows your speeding mistake. pay the hurt.

Exhausted where's decades coal-heap.

Goldmine. supermarket discounted energy, water, food, poverty, phone-comm

allowance viewers, housing.

m0277.845.900 authorised @mcdonewt self

16.181 daniellst

CAMPaiGN 2013-16-1719-20-22.

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 Mobile phone 027 784 5900
 Home phone 021 117 8090

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