Barbara McKenzie

Candidate information for Barbara McKenzie, standing for Mayor.

Barbara McKenzie

Standing for:

Also standing for:
Wharangi/Onslow-Western General Ward


Principal place of residence:
Within the Wellington City area

Candidate statement

I want to be part of a Council whose members treat each other - and the public - with respect, one that places a high value on democracy and transparency, and is committed to meeting the needs and expectations of Wellingtonians. One that respects the environment and values which made Wellington a great city to live in.

Council needs to prioritise funding and delivering on the core services, whether it be water services, public transport, housing, roading infrastructure, or major projects. Council should proceed more cautiously, consult more widely, and be more transparent before implementing projects outside core services. Such projects include cycleways and other steps towards a car-free city, expanding the city's reserves at the expense of private property, and changing the electoral system in order to establish co-governance.

Only 12% of Wellingtonians are satisfied with the Council's performance. It is time to listen to the 88%.

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 Mobile phone 021 085 34798
 Home phone 04 970 1756

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