Issues resolution

The Council is committed to resolving issues or complaints you have about its policies and service delivery.

If you have an issue or complaint, first talk to the Council business unit concerned. If the issue stays unresolved or you are dissatisfied with the business unit's response, then approach the Issues Resolution Office (IRO).

Role of the Issues Resolution Office

Investigates complaints

If you believe the Council has treated you in a way that is unfair, illegal, unreasonable, mistaken or wrong, IRO may be able to help.

IRO investigates complaints about the Council's policies, activities and services to:

  • make sure that customers are treated fairly in their dealings with the Council by reviewing the circumstances around an issue or complaint
  • reach a resolution that reasonably satisfies all parties
  • improve future dealings between the public and the Council by making changes when improvements are identified.


IRO is funded by the Council, but is independent of all Council business units. It reports directly to Director, CEO's Office and has direct access to the Chief Executive. IRO investigates issues without direct influence from any Council business unit.


All investigations are free of charge.

Your Privacy

All investigations are confidential.

Official information requests

IRO is also the main point of contact for requests for official information held by the Council.

Official Information Request

Make a complaint

You should first try to resolve your complaint with the Council business unit responsible for the issue:

Contact the Council Form

If that does not resolve the issue, you can send a formal complaint to IRO. You can complete the online form below, email or write a letter outlining your issue.

Issues Resolution Form