Supplier Register

We keep a supply register that lists our consultants and contractors for repairs, maintenance, replacement construction and infrastructure work.

Pausing registrations Last updated: 11:45AM, 16 August 2022

Council has paused new entrants onto the supplier register with an intention to refresh this approach for 2023.

Construction worker wearing hard hat and fluro yellow safety vest looking out over construction of large building, possibly the ASB Sports Centre.
We keep a register of preferred contractors that have supplied or carried-out work for the Council.

Why do we keep a register of consultants?

We keep a register of suppliers to:

  • understand the market's capability and capacity
  • achieve the best possible value technical consultancy
  • keep a high degree of skill and competition in the local market
  • keep a record of external resources and specialist expertise in Wellington for complex or technically demanding work
  • keep a record of external resources and specialist expertise in Wellington for quick recovery from natural disasters and other emergencies
  • develop and retain enough in-house skills and knowledge to allow effective internal and external communication on all technical matters.

Our use of the Supplier Register

Our use of the register is based on the expectations of, and defined by, the Government's Rules of Sourcing Rule 52 ‘Registered Suppliers List:

Government Procurement Rules - New Zealand Goverment Procurement

The Council’s procurement policy allows our business units the flexibility to choose service providers:

  • by direct appointment
  • through a closed contest from the Supplier Register when the value of the work is within the Council’s defined limits.

Decisions around controlling, using and managing the Supplier Register are coordinated on behalf of the Council by the our Commercial Partnerships Team.

Publishing the Register

Under the NZ Government Procurement Rules, the Council has to disclose through its website the names of those on the Council's Supplier Register.

We will not publish any contractual, commercial or confidential information provided by any supplier.

See below the Supplier Register showing the category listings and showing the suppliers registered for providing services.

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