Funding Advisor

Phil Railton-Jacks, also known by his artistic pseudonym Dr-fil, is an artist at heart, humour and practice.

Phil Railton-Jacks

As the office pun master Phil always has a joke – or two – on hand to brighten up the day.

*Due to high demand he would like it to be known that he is now taking applications for humour 3 days in advance.*

So, just what is an artist doing working as a Funding Advisor in an Office Building? According to Phil being an artist is the ideal pre-requisite for the job as he himself has been through the funding process – both successfully and unsuccessfully – and as such he is able to provide advice and support based off of his own experiences.

Phil’s job doesn’t end there, as well as providing funding advice for communities and individuals; he often assists applicants all the way through the process. “The most rewarding part of the job is helping a first time applicant apply for funding. Whether or not they are successful, it is amazing knowing that I am a part of that applicant’s journey”.

Working in an office was not something that had ever been a part of Phil’s life plan – nor was it something he ever applied for. His journey with the Council started off as a temporary gig archiving files having deciding he had had enough of working late nights at the video store. After working for two weeks, Phil was tapped on the shoulder by the Community Team Leader, Jenny, and trained up as a Funding Advisor and that was it – he was “in it for life”.

Despite his jokes Phil loves his job, so much so that he will be celebrating his eighth year with the team in early 2016. “The reason I’m still here is both because the people I work with are so great and because I am a part of a team that tries to benefit the community on the Council’s behalf’.

Phil’s artistic aspirations have not gone away during his years of service. Between juggling his commitment to work and family he finds plenty of spare time to paint– keeping to his roots and engaging with the local arts community daily.

When asked to provide one interesting fact about himself Phil pondered for a moment before announcing that he was the ‘Steve Jobs’ of Community Services, stating that “like Steve Jobs, there are no guessing games when it comes to what I’ll be wearing to work! I have a closet full of the same outfit – black, black and more black”.

Why all the black? Apparently it all started with Johnny Cash Fridays and then he just decided it was easier. I’m not sure what his kids think of his wardrobe but it’s a source of constant entertainment in the office. Despite his one-outfit wardrobe Phil always gets the job done with an ease no one else in the office can match.

If you’re thinking about applying for a funding grant, or would like more information, visit the Funding Page