Community Centre Advocate

For Cairo-born Mostafa, being a Community Centre Advocate for the vibrant Churton Park community is a dream come true.

A headshot photo of Mai Mostafa.
Community Centre Advocate, Mai Mostafa.

“This is my dream job, as the role is fully engaging with people from different cultures within the diverse community of Churton park and that encouraged me, as I am one of those cultures, to mix, interact share cultures and get to know each other.”

Ever since her arrival in Wellington, Mai has been busy supporting the community, working as a volunteer before starting her own community projects. 

“I volunteered with Volunteer Wellington Organisation for 1 year as a follow-up assistant. After that, I started Crafty Club which is a community art and craft class for kids to meet some of the community’s children demanding activities in the primary school age.”

When she returned to the Community Centre to host a free craft event, she found that her Crafty Club has left a lasting impression. 

“I found the children who attended Crafty Club before, they were so happy that I showed up back again under the Community Centre holiday programme.”

Mai has now been with the Council since January 2018 and says she enjoys working for an organisation that encourages their employees to learn and develop and provides them a platform to do so. 

“I have been lucky that I have the full support from my line managers to accept my proposals for enhancing the centre facilities.”

“Churton Park Community Centre is now the home for many community groups and organisations offering a wide range of services and activities, and the Centre provides a safe, caring, supportive environment to the people of Churton Park with information, support, and programmes.”

“Whatever your age, background or ability, you will find some interesting activities you can do in the centre.”

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