Open data portal

Some of our spatial data, such as the data we use for our public web mapping, is available for use in your own GIS projects.

To view and download this data, see:

Wellington City Council data is provided in a New Zealand Transverse Mercator projection, unless otherwise stated.

The data provided on these sites is updated periodically and may occasionally be unavailable during periods of system maintenance.

GIS REST services

The Council provides live links to GIS data via an ESRI map service and REST services.

We have recently upgraded our map servers, and we are currently updating our documentation to reflect the changes.

To manually link through to one of these services, see: WCC ArcGIS REST Services Directory

GIS data

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data is digital information that stores the location of features such as roads or property boundaries, along with associated attribute information about those features. This base information is used in GIS or CAD software to make maps or to perform spatial analysis.

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