Rental Warrant of Fitness FAQs

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How does the assessment work? 

What areas of the house are assessed? How many questions are there? 

How long is the RWoF valid for? 

How much does the Rental Warrant of Fitness inspection cost? 

How do I pay for the inspection?

Is it voluntary? 

Can anyone choose to get a Rental Warrant of Fitness?

Is the RWoF for stand-alone houses as well as apartments? 

If my house doesn’t pass, can I book a follow-up inspection for free?

Can anyone use the self-assessment app? 

Who receives the information I enter into the self-assessment app?

Will Council know if a property has applied to have a Rental WoF inspection? Or failed?

Who will receive the building inspectors report? Will it go on Council records?  

Who does the Rental WoF inspections?

How were the questions / criteria selected for the Rental Warrant of Fitness?

What’s the Wellington Housing Standard? 

Will the City Housing homes go through the Rental Warrant of Fitness scheme?

Who created the Rental Warrant of Fitness?

Who funded this scheme?