Smart transport

Fewer cars on the road means less congestion and shorter travel times for everyone. Whether you want to exercise more or lower your carbon emissions, choosing sustainable modes of transport is a win/win for you and the city.

Take a walk

When you don't have to keep your eyes on the road, you can enjoy Wellington’s amazing sights. Take the long way home – or walk a different route to see something new, like the Leeds Street and Masons Lane laneways. Include a park or garden, discover a new cafe, or throw in a hill to get your heart rate up.

Get on your bike

More Wellingtonians are choosing to get around by bike. It's great for your health and for the environment. If you're new to two-wheeled transport, we've got some tips and tricks – and Pedal Ready can sort you out with a free skills session.

We want to make biking around Wellington easier and safer for everyone. Over the next 10 years we're building a connected cycle network covering the whole of Wellington.

Share the ride

Car share schemes are great if you sometimes need access to a car but don't want to own one. There are a few operators in the city already, and we have a car share policy designed to help grow this sustainable transport option.

Using car share vehicles in Wellington

Applying for car parks for car share vehicles

You could also try carpooling either for your regular commute, or a one-off journey. SmartTravel can help you find carpool partners, either as a driver or a passenger.

Electrify your commute

Electric vehicles are the way of the future, whether it’s an electric/hybrid car, motorbike, ebike or even an e-skateboard. We’re investing in electric vehicle charging infrastructure around Wellington City and are installing charging stations in residential areas.

Meanwhile eBikes take the wind and hills out of your cycling commute, while conveniently being charged by Wellington’s windfarms (at least some of the way). No more excuses!