Intersection safety

Taking risks at intersections can result in serious injury and even death. Intersections can be complex places with a lot going on.

They always require your full attention. Be aware of your speed, alert to other people on the road, and try to ignore in-car distractions.

Logo that says

Stay alert at intersections

During spring 2018, drivers across the Wellington region will be reminded to stay alert at intersections.

Thirty-seven percent of crashes in the Wellington region over the last five years happened at intersections.

The campaign has been developed by the NZ Transport Agency and councils across the Wellington region. It is aimed at those drivers who routinely travel in the region, who may not always give all intersections their full attention.

It features a bold message on billboards and buses, as well as radio adverts. 

Green stop box on the road before a traffic light.

Green stop boxes are for bicycles only

Where to stop

We are working with NZ Police to remind people in vehicles (such as cars, vans, motorbikes and scooters) that the green-coloured strips on the road with the bicycle symbol are for people on bicycles only. 

People travelling in motorised vehicles will still be able to trigger the traffic signals as the sensor loops extend at least one car length back from the limit line.  People riding motorcycles and scooters are best to position themselves behind the line of diamonds which indicate where the sensor loop is running.