TXT-a-Park allows you to pay for on-street parking by sending text messages with your mobile phone.

Using TXT-a-Park on a mobile phone to pay for on-street parking.

This service is available to all Vodafone and Spark mobile customers. Unfortunately, the service is not available for 2degrees mobile customers.

How to use

  1. Press the TXT-a-Park button on the parking machine.
  2. Using your Vodafone or Spark mobile, text the 1- or 2-hour code (shown on the display screen) to 7275.
  3. Wait for the machine to beep and press OK for your ticket, or Cancel to end.
  4. Then display the ticket on your dashboard.

Transaction fee

There is a 50c transaction fee for using TXT-a-Park. This is the same for 1- or 2-hour parking and covers the cost of sent and received text messages.

For example, 1 hour of parking at $4 per hour would be charged to your mobile as $4.50. Two hours of parking at $4 per hour would be charged as $8.50.


  • Payments can be made by mobile phone, credit card or cash
  • Mobile transactions are automatically debited to the customer's mobile phone account, or from their prepay balance.
  • Expense claim hassles are a thing of the past for people on business, who can now incorporate the parking charge onto their business mobile phone account.


If you have a Vodafone or Spark Prepay mobile, the parking cost is deducted from your credit.

If you have a Vodafone or Spark monthly account, the parking cost is charged to your next bill.

If you have a problem

If you cannot complete a transaction because of a network problem, the message 'TXT-a-Park unavailable - please use coins' will appear on the pay-and-display machine. The message on your mobile will read 'I'm sorry TXT-a-Park is currently unavailable. Please use coins instead.'

Help using TXT-a-Park

Vodafone mobile users

Call Vodafone customer service freephone on 777.

Spark mobile users

Call Spark customer service freephone on 123.

Other problems

Contact the Contact Centre on 04 801 3040.

Location map.



Wellington City Council Service Centre - Parking Enquiries

Phone 04 801 3040
Postal Address PO Box 2199
Wellington 6140
Street Address Ground Floor, 101 Wakefield Street (Civic Square)
Monday – Friday

8am – 5pm