SmartPark is a personal parking meter you keep in your car. It takes away the need to have cash for meters or pay-and-display machines.

Car parked at Oriental Bay, driver holding SmartPark device.

How to use

  1. Lease a SmartPark meter and purchase a pre-paid card.
  2. Identify the parking area you are in by the yellow label on the parking meter or pay-and-display machine when you park.
  3. Select the area code on the SmartPark machine, press 'OK' and leave SmartPark displayed on the dash or hanging from the rear vision mirror.
  4. Turn off the meter when you return to your car.


Some parking areas do not start charging until 8am. SmartPark has a built-in clock to take care of this. If you park at 7.30am, SmartPark will not start charging until the appropriate time. The same process applies at the end of the day. SmartPark will stop charging at the appropriate time. Other benefits include: 

  • you only pay only for the parking you use and don't need guess how long you need to park
  • there is no need to carry coins and manage petty cash receipts or refunds 
  • you don't need to go to a parking meter
  • you can check your parking expiry time and avoid parking tickets.

Parking areas

There are 17 parking areas, to cover all the possible parking variations in the city - such as morning clearways, evening clearways, 30-minute parking areas, etc.

The only parking areas that are not marked with a yellow label are Coupon Parking areas, which all have an area code of W13. You can use SmartPark in these Coupon Parking areas as well.

SmartPark machine

You can order a SmartPark machine through SmartPark

SmartPark cards

You can purchase SmartPark cards from the Service Centre in Wakefield Street.

There are $50, $100 and $200 value cards available. There is a $5 cost for each card so a $50 value card will cost $55. The Council will monitor the sale of the cards and may introduce higher value or rechargeable cards if there is a demand for them.

After you purchase your card, put it in the SmartPark machine. Each time you use SmartPark, the money will be debited from the card until it has no value left. Then you need to buy a new card.

There are no refunds on partially used cards, as with phone cards.

If your card is faulty, contact the Service Centre.

Unavailable Friday nights

SmartPark cannot be used to pay for parking on Friday nights between 6pm and 8.30pm.

More information


Phone: 0800 727 532
Website: SmartPark
Location map.



Wellington City Council Service Centre - Parking Enquiries

Phone 04 801 3040
Postal Address PO Box 2199
Wellington 6140
Street Address Ground Floor, 101 Wakefield Street (Civic Square)
Monday – Friday

8am – 5pm