Bus lane infringements

If you use a bus lane illegally, you may receive a ticket.

Using a bus lane illegally means:

  • driving in a bus-only lane or exceeding the maximum allowed distance in a bus lane
  • parking or stopping on an active bus lane or bus-only lane during the sign-posted times.

How you're allowed to use a bus lane

You can drive in a bus lane for up to 50 metres. The 50-metre limit is to allow drivers to cross through to another lane or to turn into another street.

Parking officers monitor our bus lanes by filming a section where two cones are placed 70 metres apart. Any vehicle that drives the length of these cones will be issued a Special Vehicle Lane Infringement.

Using a bus lane

How to appeal your ticket

If you have received a ticket for driving in a bus lane and believe you did not travel 50 metres or more, you can appeal. You may also appeal if you believe there were mitigating circumstances. You will need to provide evidence.

You may request screenshots of the footage taken of your vehicle.

Appeal your ticket