We support cycling

Building better cycleways will lead to lots of positive outcomes for our city, which is why we’re committed to making it easier for everyone to share the road.

Family cycling through a busy park.

Cycle lanes and more

In response to the rise in demand and potential, we are improving key cycling routes around the city and supporting a range of initiatives that make biking safer. 

The changes we're making will benefit all road users and also make it safer for people on foot.

Some of the things you'll notice include: improved journey times, less congestion on roads during peak hours, and more reliable public transport.

Find out about the major cycling projects underway in Wellington.

There are also green cycling zones on many roads and stop boxes at intersections and when you are out and about there are bike Fix-It Stands for repairs on the go.

Funding to get people on bikes

Our Bikes in Schools pilot at 3 Wellington schools is so successful that we created an annual Bike In Schools fund to help more schools set up this programme. 

If you have a project that encourages people to ride bikes then the  Communities on Bikes fund may be just what you need to make to this happen.