Home Energy Saver Programme

Through this programme, you can get a free impartial assessment from the Sustainability Trust and an action plan for your needs and budget.

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What you get and the costs involved

You'll get an impartial assessment from the Council's contractor - Sustainability Trust. The assessor will give your household an 'action plan' that is tailored and prioritised according to your needs and budget.

The assessor can install a range of easy-to-install products for you, including:

  • energy-efficient light bulbs
  • low-flow shower heads
  • hot water cylinder wraps
  • draught stoppers.

The initial 2-hour assessment is free.

50% off the product costs, up to the value of $115. (Includes GST.)

Get an assessment

To book a Home Energy assessment or to find out more, contact:

Sustainability Trust

Email: enquiries@sustaintrust.org.nz
Phone: 0508 78 78 24 extension 712
Website: Free Home Assessments - Sustainability Trust

Background information

The Home Energy Saver Programme is part of the Council's 2010 action plan: