Energy efficiency grants

Wellington businesses can get funding and help to become more energy efficient and sustainable.

ECCA Business

If you want to improve the energy efficiency of your business and increase your use of renewable energy, then the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) may be able to help.

EECA offers a range of services, resources and funding to help you manage your energy spend and use energy efficiently.

Making a financial investment in energy efficiency will deliver returns to your business. Check the EECA website to find out how you can get help with your initial investment:

  • industrial energy audit grants
  • project grants
  • Crown loans for energy efficiency projects in the public sector
  • feasibility study grants
  • commercial building project grants
  • commercial building energy management grants
  • commercial building design grants

Services and Funding - EECA Business

Enviro Shop

If you are a retail business, the New Zealand Retailers Association has developed tools that help to increase profit, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

Conscious Consumers Movement

Conscious Consumers New Zealand has started a project that encourages Wellington café coffee drinkers and suppliers to reduce the environmental and social impact of the cafe business. For more information about the programme or to join the 'conscious consumers' movement:

Conscious Consumers